Onsite Corporate Wellbeing

Why do you need us?

Mental health costs UK employees an estimated £26 billion every year, with the two most common causes of time off being stress and backache. 
Why wouldn't you want to keep your employees happy by giving them the tools, resources and the opportunities to lead healthier lives? 
Our work environment is the main influence to our moods and emotions and on average we spend over 80,000 hours at work. This equates to nearly half the time you spend awake, over your entire lifetime. Why not make it enjoyable?

What can we offer your business or organisation?

These days corporate massage is a key part of wellness programs and staff incentives. Marketing departments are discovering that seated massage and other holistic therapies deliver great value at corporate events within the workplace. Keep your members performing at their best by looking after them and rewarding them with workplace wellbeing.

You can introduce a corporate massage as a staff incentive or part of a workplace wellness program. This can improve your organisations profitability in several ways:

  • Increases productivity- Relieves aches and pains and lowers stress allowing staff to focus, therefore increasing productivity. Staff will feel revived and energised.
  • Reduce absenteeism- Releasing knotted muscles in the neck and shoulders prevents headaches and reduces stress, plus employees will look forward to coming to work on the day of their session.
  • Reduce staff turnover- Improves, builds and maintains high staff morale, job satisfaction and employee appreciation which increases loyalty and decreases turnover.

Options available

We offer a mobile massage and holistic therapy service direct to your place of work. 

You can choose 15 or 30 minutes of remedial relaxation treatment in the comfort and convenience of your office/workplace, whatever suits your needs best or have a mixture of both dependant on the individual.

We have a number of options available to reflect your company's needs and affordability. This can be part of a staff employee benefit or partially funded so employees pay a contribution. Alternatively staff can pay for the treatments and time given to benefit from a workplace wellbeing treatment of their choice.


Treatments We Offer

Treatments available:

  • Back, neck and shoulder massage
  • Hand and arm massage
  • Indian head massage 
  • Reiki energy healing

Services available:

  • Mindfulness, meditation
  • Group sound healing with treatments
  • Individual treatments


  • Angela
  • Mariesa

Please email thecrystalbooth22@outlook.com for more information and to book.

Treatment Information

Reiki healing- Reiki varies from person to person, however deep feelings of relaxation are usually felt by all. The reiki energy encourages a person to let go of all tension and has a positive effect on illnesses and negative conditions. Stress reduction and improvement in one's physical and psychological condition, are what most experience. The treatment is a hands-on experience on a massage table while the client remains fully clothed. At the end of the treatment, one should feel refreshed with a more positive and balanced outlook.

Back neck and shoulder massage- Just 10 - 15 minutes of chair massage has been shown to significantly reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels (a hormone produced by stress.) Chair massage has also been proven to boost the immune system and release endorphins making people happier and healthier. It improves circulation, relieves depression, anxiety, relieves headaches and migraine pain, and also boosts alertness. It can help to prevent and relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries and back ache from hours of incorrect posture and long hours sitting at a computer or repetitive industrial movements.

Indian head massage- Dates back nearly 4000 years and plays an important part in Indian life and now the Western world are quickly becoming aware of its many health benefits. The therapeutic effects of Indian head massage last long after the treatment is over.

Relief from pain and stiffness in the muscles of the face, scalp, neck, upper back and shoulders. Greater creativity, clarity of thought and concentration. RElief from any tension headaches, eyestrain, nasal congestion and aching jaw. Alleviation of stress, anxiety, lethargy and mild depression.

BENEFITS include, better productivity, morale from staff, improved employee relationships and recognition for addressing the fundamental pillars of wellbeing- physically, mentally and emotionally.


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